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Top 5 Ways the Right Payroll Service Can Save You Money

Optimize your workforce. With advanced scheduling software, employers can ensure jobs, resources, and employees match up and employees are not kept waiting around on the...

Zane Glover
(970) 924-1011
Payroll Vault – Fort Collins
325 Cherry St, Ste #112
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Hospice Care: What It Is and When It’s Time

Contrary to widely held misconception, hospice is not focused on death and dying. Yes, our patients and families are coping with a terminal diagnosis, but...

Nate Lamkin, President
305 Carpenter Road
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Businesses employ brand stories to attract customers and build trust 

Businesses need more than a website, logo, catchy tagline and social media blasts to attract customers. Businesses, whether big or small, need a brand story....

Pam King, President/CEO
Better Business Bureau Serving
Northern Colorado and Wyoming
8020 S. County Road 5, Ste. 100
Fort Collins, CO 80528

What is Probate and do I need to avoid it?

For generations, many people have been fearful of having to deal with “going through Probate” with either their own estate or managing a parent’s or...

Timothy P. Brynteson
Otis & Bedingfield LLC
1812 56th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80634

The Adoption Of Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaas)

A current trend in the marketplace is rapid adoption of cloud-based phone systems.  Due to availability and reliability of bandwidth, businesses are quickly moving to...

Scott M. Warner
Vice President, Sales | Connecting Point
2401 17th Street
Greeley, CO  80634
970.356.7224   Main line
970.395.2317  Direct line
970.405.3248 - Cell
scott.warner@cpcolorado.com | www.cpcolorado.com