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Cantwell: Investing in our future through recreation scholarships

TaylorAnn Cantwell

TaylorAnn Cantwell

As board members at Rebel Youth Athletics, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of sports and recreational activities in the lives of young people who reside in the towns of Roggen, Keenesburg, Hudson and Lochbuie. South Weld County is fortunate to have organizations such as United Way of Weld County, which understands the critical role these programs play in youth development.

Through United Way’s distribution of recreation scholarships they ensure that all children, regardless of their financial situation, have the opportunity to participate in activities that can significantly enhance their lives.

Rebel Youth Athletics recently received a $1,000 recreation scholarship from United Way. These funds allow for 10 full scholarships to be given, depending on the sport and age range of the athlete. If more applications for younger kids or if athletes register for low cost sports, like soccer, the funds can carry further.

Youth recreation scholarships are more than just financial aid; they are investments in our future. Uniforms, equipment, travel expenses, and participation fees quickly add up, creating barriers for families. These scholarships break down those barriers, allowing children to engage in activities that promote physical health, social skills, and emotional well-being.

At Rebel Youth Athletics, we’ve seen numerous success stories made possible by these scholarships. Take, for example, the case of Sarah, a young girl who joined our soccer program. Coming from a single-parent household with limited resources, Sarah wouldn’t have had the chance to participate without a scholarship.

Through soccer, she not only improved her physical health but also developed leadership skills and a sense of belonging. Sarah’s grades improved, and she became more confident and socially engaged. Her story is just one of many that highlight the profound impact of recreation scholarships.

The benefits of youth participation in sports and recreation extend beyond individual development. These activities foster a sense of community and belonging. They bring together children from diverse backgrounds, teaching them the values of teamwork, respect, and empathy. The playing field becomes a place of unity. By ensuring that all children have access to these experiences, we are building a more inclusive and cohesive community.

Additionally, the physical activity associated with sports is essential for combating the growing issue of childhood obesity. Regular participation in physical activities helps children maintain a healthy weight, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and promotes overall physical well-being. Recreation scholarships make it possible for more children to reap these health benefits, contributing to a healthier community overall.

The impact of these scholarships also resonates within families. Parents often express gratitude for the relief and support these scholarships provide. They see their children developing skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

United Way of Weld County’s commitment to funding these scholarships reflects their understanding of the long-term benefits. By investing in our youth today, they are cultivating a generation of healthier, more engaged, and more resilient individuals.

These young people are more likely to succeed academically, pursue higher education, and contribute positively to society as adults. The scholarships are a crucial element in breaking the cycle of poverty, providing opportunities that might otherwise remain out of reach.

Youth recreation scholarships are a vital investment in our community’s future. They provide children with opportunities to grow physically, socially, and emotionally. They build stronger families and more cohesive communities.

We at Rebel Youth Athletics are deeply grateful for the continued support and look forward to seeing the ongoing positive impact of these scholarships. Together, we are creating a brighter future for our youth, one scholarship at a time.

TaylorAnn Cantwell is the board treasurer of Rebel Youth Athletics.

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