June 19, 2024

Plastic 2 Green, Amogy partner on ammonia-based backup power

LOVELAND — Plastic 2 Green Inc., a Loveland-based company that converts plastic waste to ammonia, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Amogy Inc., a Brooklyn, New York-based company that converts ammonia to electricity.

The two companies will explore integration of Amogy’s ammonia-to-electrical power system as a backup power source for Plastic 2 Green’s manufacturing facilities.

“This alliance underscores both companies’ commitment to advancing ammonia as a next-generation, carbon-free energy solution,” the companies said in a press release.

Amogy has developed an ammonia-to-electrical power system that splits, or “cracks,” liquid ammonia into its base elements of hydrogen and nitrogen, which then funnels the hydrogen into a fuel cell, generating high-performance power. 

Plastic 2 Green uses a patented ElectroThermal Dissociation process to transform unrecyclable plastic waste into “Emerald Ammonia” at low cost.

“This partnership serves as a key example for the potential of a circular economy, showcasing how collaborations between compatible companies can drive sustainable progress,” the companies said.

“Partnering with Plastic 2 Green is a natural fit for Amogy,” Seonghoon Woo, CEO at Amogy, said in a written statement. “Together, we’re tapping into the circular economy’s potential to propel ammonia as a fuel and spearhead ammonia energy integration. We look forward to working with P2G to demonstrate the power of innovation and collaboration in shaping a more resilient and sustainable energy landscape.”

“The partnership with Amogy highlights the powerful potential for circular innovation to tackle major issues like plastic waste and clean energy at the same time,” said Plastic 2 Green CEO Ed Van Dyne. “We look forward to expanding our low-cost green ammonia production in partnership with clean energy leader Amogy.”

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