August 9, 2023

Sierra Space forms engineering, testing unit

LOUISVILLE — Aerospace manufacturer Sierra Space Corp. has formed a new engineering and testing division, which will be led by senior vice president of engineering Jen Splaingard.

“The newly formed organization will operate under a set of defining principles that align with Sierra Space’s core values including: disruptive innovation that will significantly reduce the cost of accessing and maintaining microgravity research facilities in Low Earth Orbit; a culture of continuous learning that embraces curiosity and inspires the team to push boundaries and explore new ideas; and collaboration and empowerment to drive shared responsibility, leveraging collective intelligence to bring out the best engineering ideas and solutions,” Sierra Space said in a news release. 

SSC CEO Tom Vice, in a prepared statement, said that the “formation of this world-class engineering organization is a major milestone that marks our unwavering commitment to creating industry-leading solutions. Jen will empower our valuable engineering team members with the support, tools, processes and resources they need to do their very best work.”

BizWest Staff

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