April 30, 2019

Protect Your Business with an Employee Handbook

As one of our clients recently learned the hard way, having a signed Employee Handbook provides valuable guidance to the employee as well as protection for the business.

Why is an Employee Handbook important for your business? Risk comes in all forms. By introducing clear expectations up front in written form, you are mitigating risk factors from many angles. Upon hiring, each person of your talent staff will sign off acknowledging that they have read, understood, and familiarized themselves with your company’s expectations, policies, and guidelines.

Furthermore, if there is ever a claim against your company, it will demonstrate that you, the employer, have provided the basic duty of care; or commonly referred to as reasonable care or common-law duty. The benefits include, but are not limited to:


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  • fair employee claims management
  • safety of employee
  • state and federal law compliance
  • designation of multiple management and third-party contacts for workplace assistance

Subscription HR services make building an Employee Handbook extremely affordable for small businesses. Not only are Employee Handbooks available, many other features are offered, benefiting you with time savings.

  • Employee Handbook and policy development
  • New hire paperwork and procedures
  • Employee leave compliance
  • Termination procedures and requirements
  • Employee relations
  • Situational guidance and advice
  • State and federal employment obligations
  • Manager training
  • FMLA and other leave management guidance
  • HR Compliance for all 50 states
  • Employee Handbook builder
  • Law Library
  • Job descriptions
  • HR forms, letters, and templates
  • HR trainings
  • New hire kit

Reach out to Payroll Vault today to get started with subscription HR services.



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