Louisville-based Upramp launches new Fiterator cohort

LOUISVILLE — Upramp, the startup accelerator backed by CableLabs, has launched the 2018 cohort for its later-stage accelerator program, called the Fiterator.

The third cohort consists of three companies and kicked off at CableLabs’ summer conference in Keystone. CableLabs is a consortium of 60 member companies in the cable industry.

“We selected this year’s Fiterator cohort from a pool of hundreds of startups,” Scott Brown, executive director of UpRamp, said in a prepared statement. “Our selection process is rigorous given that unlike most accelerators that end with a demo day, we are all about getting our startups deals. We give them a backstage pass to the most powerful network in the world and tirelessly work to get them major customer traction. That means we have to pick companies that have mature funding, products in market, and have compelling technology that can help transform various aspects of the industry. The Fiterator program prides itself on making meaningful connections that benefit both the startups and our CableLabs members.”

The three new members are:

• Averon, a San Francisco-based mobile security platform that helps solve the problem of user identity across the digital world. The company uses automatic and instant identification to securely take users through online verifications with no effort.

• Blitzz, a San Jose, Calif.-based AI-powered mobile platform that enables real-time video and chat for technicians and experts to help their customers faster.

• Mutable, a New York-based Public Edge Cloud that lays on top of all the infrastructure layers and provides the lowest latency needed to compute emerging technology.

The three startups will go through a four month, biweekly program that will provide an immersive experience focused on education and mentoring, among other needs.

“Starting this program two years ago, we knew there were great tech startups out there that could make an impact in the connectivity world,” Lisa Schwab, Fiterator program director, said in a prepared statement. “We are all entrepreneurs and have been on every side of the equation, so we understand the pain points and hardships that come with scaling startups with big companies. That’s why we want to facilitate the connection between emerging technology entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to transform their space.”