Tech firm raises $20,000 for conference-room app

BOULDER — Twine Holdings Inc., a tech company that has made an app and hardware to integrate a business’ conference room with its Slack channels, has raised $20,000.

The Boulder-based company raised those funds by offering equity, according to a Form D filed Oct. 2 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Twine did not immediately return requests for comment.

Twine, according to its website, has a combination of hardware and app that connects to Slack. Using Twine hardware, a company can have video conferencing, presentations, room management and meeting scheduling all handled through a company’s Slack channels.

The wireless system is meant to simplify what can often be a complicated conference room set-up. The service will soon have integration with Amazon’s Alexa to offer voice control of Twine hardware.

Twine is part of the Alexa Accelerator, aimed toward entrepreneurs using voice-powered technologies. The Seattle accelerator is backed by TechStars, an accelerator program that started in Boulder.