Energy, Utilities & Water  May 16, 2024

Dynexus scores validation of lithium battery monitoring tech

LOVELAND — Dynexus Technology Inc., which develops battery sensing solutions, has received independent validation of its iRIS sensor for early detection of thermal runaway in Lithium-ion batteries. 

In a Sandia National Laboratories study, the Loveland company’s technology was shown to have a distinct advantage. 

“In scenarios of excessive temperature leading to failure of single cells, the use of rapid EIS showed a distinct advantage over gas sensors for early detection,” the study reported. “Specifically, rapid EIS was able to identify a malfunctioning cell with a significantly larger warning time (more than three times longer), thereby allowing for earlier response times to potentially intervene and mitigate further damage.” 


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“We are both excited and pleased with the performance of the iRIS (inline Rapid Impedance Spectroscopy) in the published Sandia National Laboratory study,” Jon Christophersen, Dynexus Technology’s chief technology officer, said in a written statement.

The technology was first developed at the Idaho National Laboratories in collaboration with Montana Tech. Dynexus Technology’s iRIS can monitor a battery, or a string of batteries, to determine their state of charge, state of health, and their state of stability, the company said. The iRIS sensors “generate near real-time, rich, frequency-based battery data that provide information about the state of a battery’s physico-chemistry.”

“Ultimately, iRIS-class devices will be incorporated into active energy management systems, the next-generation solution beyond today’s battery management systems with active energy management capabilities in both land-based and airborne battery-electric platforms,” said Ty Carlson, chief strategy officer at Dynexus.

With growing concerns about lithium-ion battery fires, active monitoring is critical, the company said.

“Dynexus is commercializing the only active energy management system with this capability,” said David Sorum, Dynexus CEO.

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