Nonprofits  August 9, 2023

Community foundation offers support services to nonprofits

FORT COLLINS — The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado has launched two new programs to help nonprofit organizations in the region.

In a press statement, the organization outlined its Organizational Enhancement Matching Program and its Impact Investing Loan Program.

The organization enhancement program will support nonprofit groups that want to increase their capacity. They will “select from a menu of highly customized consulting services. Participating nonprofits pay half of the consulting fee, and the community foundation will cover the remainder.” 

The impact investing program will provide “low interest, short- and intermediate-term loans to address timing issues related to a variety of revenue streams. The community foundation will consider loans with a high likelihood of investing capital and a financial return determined by the Foundation Impact Committee.” 

The programs are available to nonprofit groups headquartered in the counties within the Community  Foundation of Northern Colorado’s service area: Larimer, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick,  Washington, and Yuma counties. 

“Our local nonprofit community is creative, collaborative, and effective in executing meaningful work,”  Claire Bouchard, director of community engagement and communications, said in a written statement. “By supporting nonprofits, the foundation can better achieve its mission of creating transformational community  impact.

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