June 4, 2019

Employee Self-Service (ESS )

Most employers and employees are familiar with the basic employee self-service: the online portal that allows an employee to access their paystubs and annual W2s.  But employee self-service (ESS) can be so much more than just an online file cabinet!  Today’s ESS can incorporate HR, payroll, scheduling, timekeeping, and more, all in a single portal that can be accessed from various web-connected devices.  Today’s all-in-one ESS portal can assist with and include:

Employee Engagement – ESS portals can be customized to include message boards, company directories, mission and culture statements, employee birthdays, and more-all of which help to engage your employees and build cohesive employee teams.

Electronic Onboarding – Via ESS, an employer can electronically collect and store new-hire paperwork and employee benefit enrollments, ensuring compliance with labor laws and benefit rules.


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HR – Employee resumes, performance evaluations, pay rates and raises, as well as company policies and handbooks can be uploaded and stored in the portal.  Via ESS, the employer can request and store electronic acknowledgements that the employee has read the policies and handbooks.

Payroll – Employees can access paystubs and W2s, and review and edit personal information such as their address, W-4 withholding information, and voluntary deductions such as insurance or retirement.

Timekeeping – Employees can log in and out of work within their ESS portal, as well as submit time off requests

Scheduling – Work schedules can be accessed from the ESS portal, and employees can request schedule changes via their ESS portal.

ESS can help employers reduce administrative time, improve productivity, and attract and retain qualified employees.  Your local Payroll Vault office offers a robust “all-in-one” employee self-service solution at an affordable price.  Call us today to find out how we can help!

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