August 1, 2018

Why Business’s Need an Employee Handbook

Whether you have one or 500 employees, having an employee handbook will not only benefit the employee, but the employer as well.

Having a handbook will ensure that every employee gets the same information about the company’s culture, their values, and the rules for the workplace.

Employees will get a better understanding of what is expected of them, and they will know where to turn if they have a problem.

This is also a great place for the company to display the benefits they offer and when the employee is eligible for them.

Having a handbook can also protect an employer. If an employee was to file an unemployment claim with the employer objecting, the employer would need to verify that the employee had been warned they were violating a rule. With a handbook, the employee would have been informed of the rules upon hiring and with proper documentation, the employer has a better chance of prevailing. The same goes if an employee was to file a lawsuit.

After an employer has provided employees with a handbook and reviewed it with them, each employee should then sign an acknowledgement agreement. The employee is signing that they have read the handbook, had someone review it with them, and they have had the opportunity to ask questions about the content. This is the key to ensure defense against any claim from a previous or current employee.

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