Reports: Oracle may lay off 200 employees in Broomfield

BROOMFIELD — Oracle is laying off a significant amount of employees, including at its Broomfield offices, according to reports.

An anonymous post on said that 2,500 employees on its Sun products, which includes Sun, Solaris and storage. That post said that 200 employees are expected to be laid off in Broomfield, along with 1,500 layoffs in Santa Clara, Calif., 400 in San Diego, 100 in Austin, 50 in Burlington, Mass., and 50 in India.

BizWest reached out to Oracle, which declined to comment.

Other outlets such as Fortune and tech publication The Register are also reporting similar layoffs.

Former employees say that pink slips starting coming the Friday before Labor Day.

Oracle’s server and Solaris efforts stemmed from its purchase of Sun Microsystems, a longtime partner, in 2010 for $7.4 billion. With the acquisition, Oracle transitioned from only working on software to making servers and microprocessors.

The layoff news comes just a week after Oracle said it was hiring 5,000 workers for cloud computing.