COVID-19  April 29, 2020

IT company to offer free cyber security training for stay-at-home workers

LOVELAND — A Loveland information technology company will offer free online cyber security training to Northern Colorado businesses faced with growing challenges to computer security as their employees work from home.

Chartered Technology, trade name for Protzman Technology Solutions LLC, said that the threat is growing because of remote workforces not understanding the potential for damage. Chartered said that 95 percent of data breaches result from employee error, and recent national studies indicate that 43 percent of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses that might have lower security thresholds.

Cybercriminals use scams to access passwords, networks and other company data, the company said. 

Chartered Technology’s online program will provide information on:

  • How to protect Personally Identifiable Information and sensitive company data 
  • Real-life threats that target them and the company 
  • Best practices to avoid falling victim to a cyber security attack 
  • What to do if employees suspect a data breach 

“We’ve offered this course for a long time, but in this period of uncertainty, and with so many Northern Colorado employees working from home, we felt it was important to protect our local workforce from scammers preying on the vulnerable during this pandemic,” said Rob Protzman, owner and president of Chartered Technology in a written statement. “We know employers are going through hard times right now. If we can offer our support to them in any way, we hope to relieve at least some of their stressors.” 

Information about the program can be found at, or people can call 970-372-2396 or email 


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