January 15, 2020

Pinsky: Creating the New and the Next as new decade begins

The new year is a perfect time to clarify what you want more of in your personal and professional life. Change begins by setting clear goals and creating action plans to turn those desires into reality. The following steps can help you to realize your 2020 dreams.

Clarify the Vision

Begin by reflecting on what worked well during the past year and acknowledge your successes. From there, identify opportunities for improvement. Where did you lose focus and live with less intention than you wish you had? The goal of self-reflection is to come up with a clear vision for what you most want to achieve in 2020.

Set Goals

Based on what you envision, come up with three specific goals that will bring your dream to life. For each goal, identify the specific steps necessary to reaching your objective. Break down your goals into daily habits and time-based actions. Set mini milestones and track your progress toward your bigger purpose. Re-visit your goals on a weekly basis to remain focused.

If you are a visual person, you might use a mind-map approach. Write a goal in the center of a piece of paper and draw lines that radiate from the center to identify the various steps that will be required to meet that goal.  Some people are more linear and prefer timelines or Excel spreadsheets.

Use the approach that works best for you and follow the same process for each of your three goals. Success is enhanced when we write down our goals, identify the specific actions required, and create clear timelines. We then need to transfer tasks and action steps to a calendar or planner.

Identify Obstacles

When we set goals, it is helpful to consider what might get in the way of our success.  Then we can plan ahead for how to stay the course. Sometimes external forces get in the way but most often we are our own worst enemies.

Carefully consider the internal obstacles that might impede your forward motion.  What personal thoughts, beliefs, and habits are most likely to keep you from meeting your 2020 goals? Then make proactive plans to avoid getting in the way of your own success.

Know Your Why

Let’s go back to your vision for a moment. People who make significant changes or accomplish big goals are often very clear about WHY they want something. They understand the deeper value of their goals so clearly that they can taste it, touch it, feel it. 

Setting goals with “the end in mind” is powerful because it helps us focus on the deeper WHY of our goals while simultaneously being action-oriented in the short-term. It keeps us motivated on a daily basis as we work toward creating the future of our dreams.

Share Your Dreams

Talking about your goals with others increases the chance of success. It can take courage to share your deepest desires.  Surround yourself with people who will support you in achieving your goals and steer clear of nay-sayers. 

Final Thoughts

If you continue to do things exactly as you have been, what will be different about your professional and personal life at the end of 2020?

If that question fills you with a sense of dread, take heart. Change is possible.

Write down your goals, track progress, and celebrate milestones. Revisit your goals regularly with weekly planning sessions. Share your goals and dreams with trusted allies.

We create the new and the next when we continually set and work toward meaningful goals. Here is wishing you a year of personal and professional inspiration! Happy 2020!

Carrie Pinsky, LPC is a career counselor and job search coach in private practice at Pink Sky Career Counseling. Reach her at carrie@pink-sky.net or 970-225-0772.

Carrie Pinsky

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