October 26, 2018

Implementing lean in the back office

• Paper checks: the time involved to receive, hand out paper checks can be a full Friday afternoon, if one is missing, it may take hours to remedy. Pay-cards are a great solution for team members who will not switch to direct deposit.

• Scheduling: are employees still calling up asking what the schedule is that week or day? Online scheduling allow you to set it once, everyone can login and view, Employees can request time off or a change online.

• Time Clocks: if you do not record time now, start. accurate reported time can potentially save the employer thousands per year. Utilize cloud based clocks which allow for GPS punch.


5 ways to boost your business with solar

Namaste Solar has helped businesses from all different industries and verticals invest in on-site solar. Whether you are a top public university, outdoor gear retailer, or local dog toy manufacturer, most property owners can benefit from solar in these five ways.

• Portals: Do your employees ask you for paystubs, W2s and to update their W4 info? Online portals get owners and managers out of the loop and enable employees to service themselves.

• Workers Compensation: Standard workers comp wastes time with mailing of checks, yearly audits and expensive adjustments. Integrating pay-as-you-go workers comp, make the process run on its own and in most cases, save you money as well.

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