New Mercer Commons Memory Care Offers Life to the Fullest

New Mercer Commons offers both assisted living and assisted memory care.   Our memory care provides residents a supportive and save environment where they can continue to thrive and participate in life.

We offer both formal and informal activities for our residents in our memory care units.  Informal activities are everyday interactions which create personal meaning, a sense of community, choices, and fun.  Staff is trained to help residents engage in these spontaneous moments, which can include setting the table or putting up holiday decorations.   

The memory care unit is home-like and includes a beautiful backyard with a walking path and outdoor dining area.  This atmosphere allows residents and staff to be flexible and plan each day according to individual interests.  Staff and residents together have many opportunities for meaningful social interactions each day.

The formal activities we provide are specifically designed to engage those living with dementia.   Residents are able to choose from a variety of brain, body, and spiritual activities.   We also offer therapeutic activities which include pet and music therapy.  Some of our resident favorites from the program are table ball, painting on the patio, and music melodies.

In addition to our regular programs we provide residents on memory care the opportunity to interact with the local community by bringing in outside resources and coordinating excursions. We host elementary students and invite in special guest speakers for our travel series.

We offer a variety of music from talented performers in the area.  Outdoor excursions include scenic van drives to view the changing seasons, holiday lights, or our countryside.   Families are invited and welcome to join us in activities.  Joining together can be a great way to interact and create moments of joy with a loved one.  Our memory care offers many opportunities to live life to the fullest.