UpRamp seeks startup applicants for accelerator

LOUISVILLE — UpRamp, the cable-backed accelerator program, is seeking applications for the third cohort of its Fiterator accelerator.

“This has been an exciting year for us,” Scott Brown, managing director of UpRamp, told BizWest. “When the second cohort finished in November, 17 commercial engagements was the outcome of that.”

Brown said that was a big deal for startups: Deals in the connectivity and enterprise space can take 24 to 36 months before they close.

“Your son or daughter can be a sophomore in high school and graduate before you make any money off the deal. UpRamp is proud to shrink that sales cycle by an order of magnitudes, from three years to three months. Our ability to do that with a small cohort, take three to five companies and help them graduate in three months with 17 deals, is amazing for a growing startup.”

Now, the Fiterator, which takes later-stage startups and helps them find the market fit for their product with its 60 large broadband and cable partners, is looking to repeat the success of the last cohort. Brown said applications are now open and will be accepted until May 4. The program is capped at six companies.

There are several niches Brown said he’s interested in for this cohort.

“There are four big things I’m looking for right now,” he said. “I want to fix the customer experience across our 60 members once and for all. We all talk about fixing the customer service journey from big mobile or broadband operators; I believe there’s a company out there with a great solution.”

Other company-types he’s interested in are ones that are doing cybersecurity and making tech that protects subscribers of home networks from cyber threats. The third thing he’s interested in is technology that improves the way people connect on their mobile devices. And the fourth are companies that are working in mixed-reality, augmented reality and improving the immersive user experience.

“We really want to see great companies,” Brown said. “We’re looking for great inspiring founders in later stage startups that have the fundamentals in place. Companies that are ready for the UpRamp Fiterator already have a product they can sell. They have the money side figured out and have raised venture capital already or sustained customer revenue. The companies that are great for us are the ones that have already figured out the basics of how to build a company and are now looking for true product market fit.”

Companies interested in learning more about the Fiterator can apply online.