Improving, but not yet out of the woods.

That’s probably the best way to describe the construction industry at the moment.

The latest figures from F.W. Dodge show that between 2010 and 2011, total construction permits grew 20 percent in Larimer County and 3 percent in Weld county.

Total square feet constructed over the same period was up 16 percent for Larimer, but down 25 percent for Weld. Most notable is the fact that total value increased 27 percent for Larimer from $276 million to $376 million, but fell 107 percent in Weld from $658 million to $318 million.

A mixed bag to be sure, but far more encouraging than numbers from a few, short years ago.

And, all the more reason for the Northern Colorado Business Report to recognize the local companies that continue to persevere in this slow-recovering economy. You will find them here in Blueprints, both on our ranked lists and in the directory at the back of this publication.

Thanks to our Chief Researcher Mariah Gant for her work on this directory. If we have overlooked a company that should be included here, please send her an email ( with all the information and she will follow up to make sure our database is as accurate and complete as it can be.

Thanks also to all of our Blueprints advertisers, and thanks especially to all our local construction, real estate, engineering and architecture firms that continue to find new ways to keep moving forward as we continue our climb out of the Great Recession.