LETTER TO THE EDITOR: HP deserves city’s thanks

Hewlett-Packard recently received a rebate of $232,000 in development fees from the Fort Collins City Council. HP immediately awarded this nearly one-quarter of a million dollars to the Poudre R-1 School District in the form of Technology Grants. With this act, HP sets a high standard of corporate citizenship within Fort Collins.

Donation of returned monies, whether it be to the school district, for the purchase of open space, for the restoration of a historic site, for the development of a new community park or a new community facility, is a Legacy Grant. A Legacy Grant such as this bespeaks an understanding of how interconnected the community is.

Hewlett Packard has long been a supporter of better education in our community. Quality education is a community priority. A community that provides good schools, natural spaces, recreational and cultural opportunities and sound infrastructure is a desirable place to live.Fort Collins City Council

In addition, a well-educated populace creates a more lively community, as well as a better pool of employees for local businesses to draw from. And so the cycle feeds back to all involved.
When Legacy Grants are offered, the City has an opportunity to explore partnerships that in the past had not been considered. The standard for financial incentive programs can be effectively redesigned to focus more on community reinvestment, rather than solely the bottom line. I believe that we all gain from such a policy.
My fellow council members and I would like to join our community in offering a hearty thank you to the management and employees of Fort Collins Hewlett-Packard for setting such a wonderful example.Will Smith
Fort Collins City Council