Decision Making – Part 3

This blog will discuss the decision-making characteristics of the Driver and Persuader styles. Unlike the Craftsman and Analytical, they can make decisions quickly and decisively. This results in a capability to make eight or 10 times more decisions while their counterparts struggle to make one.

This is one of the major reasons the Driver and Persuader are the owners and managers of companies while the Craftsman and Analyticals are the employees. The Craftsman who starts their business quickly discovers that the person in charge has to make a multitude of decisions every day, every hour, maybe every few minutes and they usually find themselves overwhelmed.

The Drivers and Persuaders can easily handle the stress of decision-making. The Persuader will often consider the personal impact on others because they are people-people. The Driver thinks only about the bottom line and will make all decisions based upon, what they perceive and intend to be, the final outcome. This can be very detrimental to people who are affected by their actions since they do take into account any personal fallout.

They also differ in their decision-making process. The Driver makes decisions based upon FACT. The Persuader makes decisions based more upon the OPINION of others. This is why third-party stories (involving other Persuader clients that purchased) can be very useful in the selling process.

And you want to give the Driver OPTIONS to influence their decision making because you always want them to feel it is their final decision – not yours. You never want to make a Driver think you are taking control away from them – in any way. There is an I in Driver but the I is all about them, not you.

Also, both personalities never want to hear that the item they are considering buying is the best selling model you have. They don’t want to buy/own something that, in their mind, everybody else has. They both want the unique, the custom, the one-of-a-kind model. They want to be the first person to own it, not just another owner in a long line of owners. The only way a Driver or Persuader will buy a similar item is if the previous buyers were highly respected people in their eyes and I assure you that means they were Drivers or Persuaders also.

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