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Don’t Get Caught in the Storm

Many insurers have begun reducing their exposure to catastrophic losses by selling insurance policies with special deductibles for storm damage. Most condominium association master policies...

Brandy Natalzia
Otis, Bedingfield & Peters, LLC
2725 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Suite 320
Loveland, CO 80538

Facilitate Training to Safeguard Your Company Brand

An organization’s brand is the “personality” of the company – essentially who the company is. Establishing and protecting this brand is an important aspect of...

Tarah Wallace
Business Development

Are You Using the Correct Payroll Forms for New Hires?

Were you aware that there are large penalties assessed for using incorrect payroll forms? For example, on 7/17/2017 an updated Form I‐9 was released. Employers...

Carol McElwain
375 E Horsetooth Rd #2‐101
Fort Collins, CO 80525

What are Infusion Services?

What are Infusion Services? Infusion therapy involves the administration of medications through a needle or catheter.  It is prescribed when a patient’s condition is too...

Rebecca S Nemechek, RPh
Poudre Infusion Therapy, LLC
915 Centre Ave. Suite #3
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Brokering Equality

33.8%.  This is the pay gap between male and female commercial real estate brokers according to a 2015 CREW Network Benchmark Study. That means, in...

Jennifer Peters
2725 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Suite 320
Loveland, CO 80538

Advantages of ‘Pay-as-You-Go’ Workers’ Comp

Is there a solution to the high startup fees and yearly audit surprises of traditional workers comp? We had a new payroll client come to...

Zane Glover
325 Cherry Street, Suite 110
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

Don’t fall behind on Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration, if managed poorly with disparate systems can lead to errors, penalties, and overpayments. By housing your Benefits Administration data in the same database...

Justin Dignam
(714) 769-3410
8354 Northfield Blvd. Ste. 3700
Denver, CO 80238

Columbine Medical Equipment in Windsor

Columbine Health Systems, in 2012, opened Columbine Commons, assisted living, and Columbine Commons Health & Rehab, a skilled nursing facility in Windsor.  Simultaneously, we opened...

Andrew Forrester
Logistics Manager
Columbine Medical Equipment
1455 Main Street
Windsor, CO 80550

Fall Agriculture Fire Safety

As we move into the fall months, the temperatures can still be high and Colorado often experiences less moisture.  The agricultural industry has a heightened...

Brian Schiller, CIC
Vice President

Who are you going to pay to spend time with your children?

The CEO of a large public company recently started a speech with this opening line. What a powerful question! Many tasks can be outsourced; spending...

Dean Rodahl
1703 61st Ave. Suite 101
Greeley, CO 80634

Some things just don’t age well …

Unlike a fine wine, leases can leave a bad taste in your mouth if simply left on a shelf. Whether you are a commercial or...

Brandy Natalzia
2725 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Suite 320
Loveland, CO 80538

5 Tips to Help Your Business

Closeout 2016 right and prepare for 2017 with these tips for your business: Download metrics. Run reports on Google Analytics and your point of sale...

Ken Salazar
President and CEO, SilverEdge
4065 Saint Cloud Drive, Loveland

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550 E. Harmony Road, 2nd floor
Fort Collins, CO 80527

Craft Brewery Safety

With the continued growth in the craft brewery industry, it is critical that a increased focus is placed on safety and the development of a...

Nick Roe
Sales Executive

Donald Trump’s Tax Plan

President-Elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. One of his expected first acts as President will be to move forward with tax...

Christine Ludwig, CPA
Senior Tax Manager

Providers Accepting Medicare Assignment Means Lower Costs

To “accept assignment” means your doctor, provider, or supplier agrees to accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for covered services. If they do not...

Heather McNeill
General Manager
Columbine Medical Equipment
802 W. Drake Road, Suite 123
Fort Collins, CO 80526
1455 Main Street
Windsor, CO 80550

Bringing Big Fish Payroll Expertise to Colorado

Big Fish provides a unified solution for HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Paperless Onboarding, and Benefits Administration. We have been Southern California’s favorite HR &...

Justin Dignam
(714) 769-3410
8354 Northfield Blvd. Ste. 3700
Denver, CO 80238

Westwood Patio Homes: The Fences Are Down!!!

All construction fences are down and Phase II is now complete! Our leased, 34 mid-century modern patio homes provide open floor plans with an emphasis...

Ashlee J. Clay
Community Liaison
Westwood Patio Homes
301 14th Street
Windsor, CO 80550
FAX: 970-482-9148

Taking Control of your Employee Benefits Program

Most small and mid-sized businesses today use the traditional fully funded health insurance model to cover their employees. With that many have experienced double digit...

Ethan Merk
Benefits Executive

HR Managed Services with Big Fish Payroll Services

Big Fish HR Managed Services is dedicated to making HR and Payroll a simple and integrated solution for new, established, and growing businesses. Our HR...

Justin Dignam
(714) 769-3410
8354 Northfield Blvd. Ste. 3700
Denver, CO 80238

Partners in Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Partnership is celebrating the third year of providing quality health and wellness programming at city recreation centers throughout Fort Collins. Together,...

Diane Horak
Program Manager
1200 Raintree Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526

The Importance of a Personal Umbrella Policy

Distractions while driving can occur everyday and seem to be everywhere; this can include text messages, phone calls, a quick meal on the road, all...

Lynda Mitch, CIC, AAI
Personal Insurance
Account Executive

Employee Handbooks – A Great Tool For All Employers

Whether for profit, non-profit, or public sector, employee handbooks are a great tool that should not be overlooked. Although an employer is not required by...

Lee Morehead
Otis, Bedingfield & Peters, LLC