January 17, 2024

Water auctions to exchange 186 C-BT units

EATON and LONGMONT — Two water auctions in February will make 186 units of the Colorado-Big Thompson Water Project available for sale.

Real estate and auctioneer company Hall and Hall, in a press statement, said it will conduct the auction. Included will be the Yoakum Family’s 90 water units of the C-BT Project, offered in 37 tracts and combinations on Feb. 14. Also, the Carlson Family Trust’s Land and Water Auction of 154 deeded acres and 96 C-BT water units will be offered in 30 tracts and combinations on Feb. 28.

A C-BT Project unit is equal to 1/310,000 of the total quantity of water the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District makes available in any particular year. The project is capable of delivering 310,000 acre feet, but rarely is the full amount available. The market price of C-BT units is now about $70,000 each.

“Seldom do CB-T water units come on the market, and it is even more rare at public auction,” Scott Shuman, director of Hall and Hall auctions, said in a written statement. “I am frequently asked about the value of CB-T units, and this public auction will demonstrate the true price discovery of the market value.”

The Yoakum Family auction will be at 10 a.m. on Feb. 14 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds Barn “A” in Longmont. The Carlson Family Trust’s auction will be 10 a.m. Feb. 28 at the Eaton Recreation Center in Eaton. 

The transfer of C-BT water units is subject to the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy Act and requires auction participants to apply and be approved by the Northern Water board of directors. Failure to get prior approval before bidding will put the bidder’s earnest money at risk, Hall and Hall said. To obtain approval to bid on C-BT units, contact Sherri Rasmussen at 970-622-2217.

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