Government & Politics  November 8, 2023

Yates leads in Boulder’s first direct-choice mayoral vote

BOULDER — Boulder residents were poised to directly elect their first mayor late Tuesday with Boulder City Councilman Bob Yates leading as of just after 10 p.m. on Tuesday.

This election marks the first time city residents will directly choose their top elected official via a ranked-choice vote. In the past, members of the Boulder City Council selected one of their own to serve a term as mayor. 

Boulder mayor Aaron Brockett and Councilmembers Nicole Speer and Yates are were vying for the mayoral seat, as was Paul Tweedlie, a retired software engineer who was born in Scotland. 

In the second round of ranked-choice voting, Yates had secured 50.42%, while Brockett had 49.58%. Among the early ballots counted, Speer and Tweedlie were eliminated after the first round of ranked-choice voting.

In addition to the mayor, whose duties will not change with the new direct election system, Boulder voters will fill four more of the nine total City Council seats. 

Here’s how that race was looking late on Tuesday evening:

  • Tara Winer, 17,803 votes, 19.29%.
  • Tina Marquis, 12,882, 13.93%.
  • Terri Brncic, 12,167, 13.18%.
  • Ryan Schuchard, 11,372, 12.32%.
  • Taishya Adams, 11,422, 12.37%.
  • Jenny Robins, 9,546, 10.34%.
  • Waylon Lewis, 7,068, 7.65%.
  • Silas Atkins, 4,985, 5.4%.
  • Jacques Decalo, 2,549, 2.76%.
  • Aaron Gabriel Neyer, 2,563, 2.78%.

Lucas High
A Maryland native, Lucas has worked at news agencies from Wyoming to South Carolina before putting roots down in Colorado.
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