July 5, 2022

One-On-One: Interview with Broomfield Chamber of Commerce CEO Pat Monacelli

Each month, BizWest asks a business leader to participate in a question and answer feature to help shed light on a business topic, an industry or add insight to a field of endeavor. This month,Broomfield Chamber of Commerce CEO Pat Monacelli answered our questions. Monacelli, previously the chamber’s director of membership, took over the organization’s top role in May after former CEO Sam Taylor stepped down to join Lafayette charity Imagine! as its new director of community and employment services. This interview has been lightly edited for length and content.

BizWest: You’re no stranger to the Broomfield Chamber, having served as the group’s director of membership for the past few years. How does it feel stepping into the big chair? What would you say most helped prepare you for the new job? 

Monacelli: It feels great to have an opportunity to lead this chamber, but it really is a team effort. We have an amazing staff, a knowledgeable board and a committed group of ambassadors. I’m excited for the future. Having three years to get to know, and work with, the business community in the Broomfield area has put me in a great position to help us grow in membership and expand our efforts to advocate for local business.

BizWest: What, if anything, did you learn from former Broomfield Chamber CEO Sam Taylor that you can implement now that you’re in charge? 

Monacelli: Sam was an exceptional leader of this organization. Working with him during the pandemic was great, because he was open to any idea that could help us and our business community. So, I’d say his sense of flexibility and creativity, as well as his true love of the local business community, are certainly things I carry forward.

BizWest: Should Broomfield residents and businesses expect any major organizational changes or strategy shifts? 

Monacelli: No major changes. We have some new programs we’re developing, and we’re working to implement the ideas that came out of our staff and board vision session earlier this year. But our mission to support and advocate for local business is unchanged.

BizWest: With the COVID-19 pandemic, a tight labor market, supply-chain disruptions and a looming recession, it’s been a tough few years for businesses across the world, and Broomfield is no exception. How do you view the chamber’s role in helping local companies and workers continue weathering these storms? 

Monacelli: A key part of what we do is make sure that the issues and challenges facing our business community are heard by leaders and decision-makers. We have a strong relationship with the city and county of Broomfield. We work very closely with the city’s Economic Vitality division. We also partner regularly with the Broomfield Workforce Center to assist in getting information out about job opportunities. We are also active with the North Area Transportation Alliance and other transportation agencies. We are a founding member of the Northwest Chamber Alliance; a group of chambers from Boulder and Broomfield counties that work together to address the needs of businesses in our region.  

BizWest: The Colorado Front Range has no shortage of economically dynamic cities — in fact, Broomfield is situated smack dab between two of the most high-profile: Denver and Boulder. What differentiates Broomfield from its neighbors and makes it a special place to do business? 

Monacelli: Broomfield is a prime location in the state. A quick trip west on U.S. Highway 36 puts you in the foothills of the Rockies, and we’re fewer than 30 minutes from the sports, art, culture and excitement of central Denver. I think of Broomfield as a mid-sized city with a small-town feel. Small enough to feel welcoming and neighborly, but big enough to support a diverse, robust economy. In my opinion, Broomfield is the ideal place to raise a family and start a business. A great place to work and live.

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