March 7, 2019

Augustmoon spreads sunshine through giving

2014 Women of Distinction - Outstanding Volunteer

Bold, inspiring and kind-hearted. Thoughtful, generous and intuitive.

These are among the many adjectives used to describe Goldie Augustmoon, the recipient of 2014 Women of Distinction recognition in the nonprofits and activism category.

“Many will tell about her philanthropic gestures to this amazing community; some will tell you about her hundreds of volunteer hours with United Way, Senior Resource Services, CASA and the Greeley Blues Jam,” said Alexia Peake, a chiropractor and owner of Peake Wellness Center in Greeley. “Even still, some would emphasize her business and sales skills. I however, would like to capitalize on this opportunity to describe the heart of this remarkable person. Goldie Augustmoon is the most thoughtful, generous, intuitive, inspiring person many of us will ever have the pleasure of knowing.” 


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Augustmoon moved to Colorado in 1998 after a divorce that left her with nothing – no savings, no retirement. “I had a couple of friends in Colorado so I knew I would have a good support group,” the Greeley resident said. “That’s exactly what I had. You need that kind of friendship and camaraderie emotionally and spiritually when you are going through a tough time.”

Augustmoon soon began volunteering through United Way, first for Bright Beginnings, a charitable organization that connects volunteers with parents of children up to 3 years old to help ensure the children get a good start in life.

That led to a long list of other volunteer activities through United Way, including serving as campaign coordinator for Northern Colorado Paper, a leadership-level donor, and the campaign cabinet. In addition to her United Way activities, she is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children and a driver for Senior Resources.

Augustmoon has a passion to help others in the community. She is not afraid to ask her friends to get involved, whether it’s by donating money or time. When United Way has a function, she is either a guest or volunteer. Her motto is, “Give time if you can’t give money.”

Augustmoon said the most rewarding part of her activism is “helping someone and seeing you’ve made a difference in their lives. Just to see them making positive changes, that’s the most rewarding thing to me.”

She loves to drive senior citizens to appointments just as much as she cares about the children she meets with as a CASA.

“It’s so amazing to work with these old people, young people and the women in between,” Augustmoon said. “I get more from volunteering than I give. It keeps me alive, really.”

In addition to her volunteer work, the 72-year-old works full-time as a sales executive at My Office, Etc.

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