PivotDesk announces its closure

BOULDER — PivotDesk, an online marketplace for office sharing, announced it is shutting down.

The platform is ending on Dec. 6 after five years of operation, the company said in an email to customers.

In the letter, users are directed to use the company’s parent, Industrious, one of the largest providers of flexible workspaces. Industrious purchased PivotDesk last year. Anyone in the PivotDesk network is eligible for a free day of coworking at any Industrious location.

“For us, buying Pivotdesk is the first step in building out a physical and digital set of solutions that add up to a true outsourced flexible workplace solution for our customers,” wrote Industrious CEO Jamie Hodari in a blog post back in March 2017. “One that delivers spaces teams love no matter who or where they are.”

In August, Industrious opened a Denver location.