Cyber-security startup hires Greene as chief executive

BOULDER — PasswordPing Ltd., a Boulder-based cyber-security startup that screens online accounts for compromised credentials, has hired Michael Greene as CEO.

Mike C. Wilson, who has served as CEO since founding the company in 2016, will take the role of chief technology officer.

Greene will focus on the business side of the organization in conjunction with chief operating officer, Joshua Horwitz, according to a company press release.

PasswordPing was created to help secure password security for corporate websites and corporate networks. PasswordPing allows organizations to block unauthorized authentication in real time by screening logins against billions of known, compromised credentials.

Greene and Wilson worked closely together over the years, initially at Webroot Inc. and later at a small startup.

As CEO at publicly traded ID Watchdog, Greene  turned the company around from the brink of insolvency to a multimillion-dollar business, capping it off with a successful exit to Equifax after six years at the helm, Wilson said in a prepared statement. ID Watchdog, an identity-theft-protection company that was sold to Equifax in 2017.

"The opportunity ahead of us is huge,” Greene said. “The market for compromised credential screening is nascent and rapidly expanding. To seize this opportunity, we have to move fast, build partnerships and extend our product offerings to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving security market and threat landscape.”