Spanish telecom startup moves to Boulder, plans to hire in key positions

BOULDER — Teltoo, a telecommunications startup that recently went through the Upramp accelerator, has relocated to Boulder and is hiring a chief operations officer and employees.

Teltoo is a decentralized, software-only video delivery technology that helps network operators and content owners to handle traffic spikes and optimize delivery costs for live video streaming. The company is creating solutions that can eliminate the annoying lag and buffering that can come with streaming video.

At the end of last year, Teltoo officially relocated to Boulder from Madrid, after its experience going through CableLabs’ Upramp Fiterator.

“We find Boulder to be the right place right now,” CEO Pablo Hesse told BizWest. “There is a lot of startup activity. Comcast, Charter, Centurylink are here, as are other streaming companies. It makes sense.”

Now, the company is looking to expand its presence in Boulder by hiring a COO and someone to grow customer sales. To help fill the COO position, Hesse said Upramp and Cablelabs are helping in the search.

“The COO is an extention of me,” Hesse said. “Part of the job is traveling a lot, scaling the company and knowing the area well. I’m looking for someone who can help me scale the company, and once we do that we can scale from Colorado to the rest of the country.”

Teltoo will soon close on a fundraising round, Hesse said, and said the company plans to launch another round early next year.