Boulder-based earbud maker raises $200,000 in equity offering

BOULDER — Asius Technologies LLC, a developer of professional earbuds and ear monitors, has raised $200,000 in an equity offering.

The Boulder-based company plans to raise $500,000, according to a Form D filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on May 31. The date of first sale for the offering was in February. Asius did not return a request for more information.

Asius makes high-end earbuds and ear monitors designed to enhance sound quality while mitigating the damage air pressure can cause the human ear, according to its website. The company’s proprietary technology essentially adds a second ear drum to the ear, and that faux eardrum takes the damage of pneumatic pressure caused by sounds in the ear canal. Doing so also enables a crisper, clearer listening experience without increasing volume.