Otero launches menswear brand for the shorter man

BOULDER — Otero Menswear, a company that caters to the fashion needs of men shorter than 5-foot-9-inches, began operations in Boulder this week.

The company uses a proprietary 3D Proportional Sizing methodology to provide the best fit to shorter men.

Otero Menswear is available at OteroMenswear.com with shipping available nationwide.

“We want to offer a solution to the apparel fit issues that I myself have dealt with throughout my life, said Steve Villanueva, one of three founding partners and CEO of Otero Menswear, in a prepared statement. Villanueva stands 5-foot-7-inches tall.

“Being professionally ambitious as well as fashion-conscious, I have searched forever for a brand that fits my body type and height so that I can confidently showcase my best self without the bother and expense of having every garment custom-tailored. Unfortunately, because men’s clothes have been structured around an imaginary ‘average’ male body size, there has been nothing on the market that is precisely fashioned to accommodate for a man’s body type, size, and height; yet body type — not just size — is the key to an impeccable fit,” he said.

Men who are 5-feet-4-inches to 5-feet-9-inches make up 40 percent of the market globally, the company said. Yet this group often has a hard time finding clothes that fit on the rack.

“Harvard studies have proven that affirming, repeatable morning behaviors (drinking coffee from a favorite mug, going for a run) send signals to your brain that reduce stress levels while improving self-confidence, and we at Otero believe that the act of putting on a finely-crafted garment is an essential, everyday ritual that helps prepare your brain for high-performance,” said Brett Lawrence, chief financial officer and co-founder of the company.

The launch line consists of a range of polos from basic everyday wear to high-end garments and t-shirts in best-selling styles and colors. All of the company’s garments are cotton and are priced from $59 to $149. Accessories are handcrafted in leather by a family of Greek artisans.

In addition to Lawrence and Villanueva, John Hess is the third co-founder.

As reported by BizWest in December, the company filed a Form D with the Securities and Exchange Commission in an effort to raise $200,000 in financing by offering equity in the company.