The Canopy Boulder Accelerator Spring 2017 cohort presented their pitches at a demo day during Boulder Startup Week.

10 startups graduate from 13-week cannabiz accelerator

BOULDER — Ten startups, all providing ancillary products and services related to the cannabis industry, showcased their pitches at the Demo Day for the Canopy Accelerator.

The demo day for Canopy — one of the first accelerators for startups in cannabusiness — is one of two demo days to take place during Boulder Startup Week.

The event at the Boulder Theater culminated 13 weeks of training and preparation for the companies, some of which came from Colorado but also Brooklyn, Boston and Seattle.

The 10 companies are:

• Cannabis Big Data, a platform that gathers information from dispensaries such as what products are selling and how their net profits can help them grow their business.

• Bloom Automation, a robotics company that built a computer-vision equipped robot to trim marijuana plants.

• EstroHaze, a media company focused on multicultural female cannabis connoisseurs.

• Snapp Digital, a digital advertising company that lets cannabis-brands easily display ads on screens in dispensaries.

• Cannazoning, a real estate company that provides comprehensive maps with a city’s zoning laws to help cannabis-related businesses open shop in desirable locations while adhering to state and local laws.

• Sana Packaging, a manufacturing company that makes hemp-based packaging — including containers for selling marijuana in dispensaries — as a way to eliminate plastic waste.

• FireSale, a platform for dispensaries to list daily deals on marijuana and generate new customers through the service.

• Croptimize, an energy-monitoring program geared toward indoor agriculturalists, including cannabis growers.

• Solutions Vending, a software-as-a-service that creates smart vending machines that collects data on customers and checks IDs, ideal for selling cannabis out of them.

• Who is Happy?, a social networking app that connects cannabis connoisseurs with fellow users and with businesses that sell it.

Canopy is now accepting applications for its fall 2017 cohort.



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