Letters to the editor: Sept. 18, 2015

Better policies would help solar industry shine

Re: Colorado Ranks 10th in Solar Capacity Per Capita, Sept. 3:

Thank you for your article highlighting the recent report on Colorado’s national ranking for solar power capacity. The report reveals that Colorado ranks 10th nationally, a fact that Coloradans like myself should (and do) take pride in. However, with the amount of sunlight Colorado receives each year, we should be much higher on that list. The local political environment needs to be more favorable towards the solar industry in order for Coloradans to enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of solar electricity.

Policies like net metering provide desirable utility options for the average citizen. Providing incentives for people to make the switch to more sustainable and clean energy sources is the type of leadership Colorado and its political representatives need to take.

Like so many other Coloradans, outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and fishing are why I love this place so much and why I continue to live here. Reliance on coal and oil for energy threatens my ability to do those activities.

I strongly urge both the local and federally elected officials of Colorado to continue to do everything they can to provide Coloradans with sustainable energy options and stable energy policies so we can keep our beautiful state and its citizens happy and healthy.

Garrett Lukken, Castle Rock