Electric-vehicle workshop for employers set for Tuesday

FORT COLLINS — Employers can learn about how to bring electric-vehicle charging to their workplace at a workshop to be held from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday at the Lory Student Center on the Colorado State University campus.

The workshop will feature EV experts and speakers from employers in the region, who will share lessons learned, infrastructure and installation recommendations, and their experience and motivation for becoming workplace charging providers. Speakers will include Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez, Fort Collins city councilman Bob Overbeck and Steve Hultin, director of facilities at CSU.

Colorado Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland installed a charging station this year that is open to its employees, the church congregation and the general public.

“I drive an electric BMW i3,” said the Rev. Jonathan Wiggins, the church’s lead pastor, “so I understand that EVs are a great option for transportation and represent a way to decrease our impact. EVs also offer the ability to power our transportation with fuels made here in the U.S., helping to increase our national and economic security.”

The event is being held in conjunction with National Drive Electric Week, which continues through Sunday.

“Two years ago, Fort Collins and Loveland were chosen out of hundreds of communities across the country as the strategic location to launch our innovative model to accelerate the adoption of EVs,” said Ben Prochazka, director of strategic initiatives for the Electrification Coalition. “Both cities are very engaged and interested in getting more EVs on the road, aided by smart state tax credits for the purchase of an EV and numerous other factors. Today, over two years after the launch of Drive Electric Northern Colorado, we are a national leader in EV adoption and our region continues to set the example with innovative events like those you will find during this year’s Drive Electric Week.”

Businesses can register for the workshop on the Drive Electric Northern Colorado website.