Czero moves to CSU’s Powerhouse Energy Campus

FORT COLLINS – Engineering research and development firm Czero Inc. has moved to Colorado State University’s Powerhouse Energy Campus as part of sponsored technology research it is conducting at the university.

Czero has moved from its former location at tech incubator the Rocky Mountain Innosphere in Fort Collins to the new CSU institute, which had its grand opening April 17. Czero has worked closely with CSU researchers on projects for VanDyne Superturbo Inc., Solix Biosystems Inc., Environfit International Inc. and other companies since its establishment in 2007.

At the Powerhouse Energy Campus, Czero will serve its clients while collaborating on projects with the Energy Institute, faculty and students from CSU, government research agencies, and companies in the energy, automotive, and clean-tech industries.

Czero’s relocation to Powerhouse Energy Campus will help the company in its work on alternative energy and efficiency projects for startups and large corporations alike, said Guy Babbitt, Czero’s co-founder and chief executive. The company employs 15 people.

“You have a high-tech research lab with a lot of professors doing cutting-edge research,” he said. “It’s a really nice synergy for going after grants and getting projects done.”

Testing facilities, a machine shop and fabrication areas drew Czero to the Powerhouse Energy Campus. The company’s engineering services include advanced testing and analysis of mechanical, electromechanical and electrohydraulic systems.

“We like working with the professors, we like the energy that the students bring,” Babbitt said. “It’s a little more expensive for us to operate out of this building than other areas, but the all benefits outweigh that.”