Bennet introduces clean-energy grant program bill

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet has reintroduced a bill to encourage states and cities to work with local energy companies to use clean-energy technologies that reduce carbon pollution, his office said Friday.

The Clean Energy Race to the Top Act would establish a $5 billion competitive grant program for states and local governments that enact policies that move the clean-energy economy forward.

Under the bill, states, local governments or public-private partnerships could apply for competitive grants to develop clean-energy and carbon-reduction measures. Their applications would be evaluated based on a reviewing, scoring and ranking system.

Measures that could win points include renewable electricity standards, regional or statewide climate action plans, energy efficient public buildings and others.

The bill is supported by a coalition of Colorado businesses, industry associations and environmental groups including the Solar Energy Industries Association and Sierra Club, Bennet’s office said. Bennet first introduced the bill in 2010.


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