Thought Leaders: May 13, 2021 – Commemoration Day at Columbine Health Systems

By Yvonne Myers - Columbine Health Systems — 

The pandemic has taken its toll.  At Columbine, we do not want to languish; where we are joyless or aimless.  We are having a day of Commemoration.  Lifting-up our spirits.  Saying thank you for what we are grateful for during our COVID journey.  Saying goodbye to those we lost to this virus. Honoring working side by side with ever-changing guidance and protocols.  Thanking each other for being there, everyday.

Our chaplains are planning this commemoration with our activity staff and landscaping crew.  Small columbine flower garden areas, at each of our locations, are being created with small rock cairns.  Such a Colorado thing to do!  You know, the columbine is our state flower.  As it turns out, the meaning of the columbine flower is – “courage in the face of adversity”.  The flower is associated with fortitude.  We could not believe our namesake would so closely match our very own culture!

Note cards have been created by our graphic department and written by our chaplains.  Residents, staff, and families will be able to “offer a note to someone who has been an example of fortitude to you.”

Our commemoration goes this way:

For more than a year, Columbine Health Systems has been providing care to our residents and loved ones in the midst of a global pandemic.

We commemorate the courage of our residents; their resilient spirits inspire us and give us hope.

We commemorate the faithfulness of our residents’ loved ones; their steady support is a model for our care and for one another.

We commemorate the fortitude of our staff; their courage in the face of adversity sustains us and strengthens our determination.

Please join us at Noon on Thursday, May 13th for a moment of silence and share in our efforts to remember, honor, and move on.