Thought Leaders: At Columbine Health Systems – Getting Back to What We Do!

By Yvonne Meyers - Columbine Health Systems — 

When the pandemic started, it felt like when I was pulled into the undertow while vacationing back east.  The ocean threw me this way, then that.  I think I did about five or so somersaults.  At one point – I wasn’t even sure my swimming suit would stay with me.  Then suddenly, I was cast upon the shore.  Out of breath, a bit shocked and yet – in one piece.  I got up, pulled up my suit, and continued to look for shells.  Because that is what you do at the beach…hunt for shells.

At Columbine Health Systems, we are getting back to what we do – caring for older adults in Northern Colorado.  COVID is something we will have to manage for years – at least we think so.  I read an article stating the 1918 flu left the world in 1957, or did I read it is still circulating the globe?  Either way, COVID is something we will all need to manage.

We mandated the vaccine for our staff.  The best way we knew to manage COVID.  It is working.  We have not had a resident with a positive COVID test in many months.  Knock on wood.  Our residents managed COVID by taking the vaccine too!  We are at 97% with our resident participation.

We purchased a medical grade refrigerator/freezer and provide vaccine to our new employees and newly admitted residents who may need the vaccine. Also, for family and friends who find coming to Columbine an easy way to get their vaccine. Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are available from us.  We are managing the vaccine for those we care for and care about.

We are not naïve, COVID needs a lot of managing.  We are doing that.  But we’re getting back to caring for older adults – what we do!