Banking & Finance  January 24, 2023

Boulder women’s angel-investor group deploys first round of capital 

BOULDER — She’s Independent LLC,  Boulder-born group of women angel investors, has deployed $550,000 in its first round of funding to 10 startups.

The group expects to invest an additional $2 million over the next year, She’s Independent said in a news release.

“The power dynamics within investing and venture capital need to shift,” She’s Independent CEO Natalie Levy said in the release. “It’s not just about investing in female-founded companies — which is, of course, critical in and of itself — it’s about changing the makeup of those who are investing and those who are making decisions that impact organizations at the highest level.”

Recipients of SI investment, according to the release, included:

  • Veckta,  a green energy transformation marketplace.
  • Legends of Learning, an meta-verse-based e-learning platform for kids.
  • Kidcaboo, a children’s transportation solution.
  • CereHealth, a health care technology company specializing in the structuring and analysis of patient data with a focus on mental illness and suicide.
  • Loops, a marketing automation platform.
  • iDentical, personalized, drill-free dental implants.

“Our goal is to make education on angel investing widely available to women, make investing itself more accessible through our syndicate model, and get more women onto the cap table and into board seats,” Levy said. “We believe that shifting these power dynamics can ultimately build a more equitable, inclusive investing landscape, and ultimately a healthier economy and society.” 

She’s Independent, launched in 2019, says it has about 70 members.

“Membership is available at a variety of levels, so whether someone wants to learn and observe or get involved in deal sourcing and checkwriting, there’s a path available for everyone,” the company said.