Agribusiness  November 7, 2022

Boulder baby formula company receives FDA approval

BOULDER — The A2 Milk Co., a New Zealand company with its U.S. headquarters in Boulder, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to supply its infant milk formula in the United States.

The company distributes fresh milk to 27,000 stores nationwide but until now has been unable to distribute its baby formula, according to a press statement from the company.

The company is the first new formula manufacturer to receive FDA authorization to sell its infant formula in the U.S. since July even though a widespread shortage of formula has made the search for formula a high-stakes scavenger hunt for parents of new babies.

A2 said in the statement that it expects to sell up to a million cans of formula — the equivalent of 30 million bottles — through June next year when it can apply for an extension of the FDA authorization.

While a growing company in the U.S., A2 expects the addition of baby formula to accelerate its growth, the company wrote in its press statement.

A2 is not new to baby formula; it distributes its products elsewhere in the world. To meet FDA approval, it had to change its scoops, mixing instructions and labeling, the statement said.

The A2 Platinum formula is free of the A1 protein, which causes gastric distress in some people. 

The A2 Stage 1 formula is sold for use with infants up to six months; a Stage 2 variety is for infants from six to 12 months and a Stage 3 product is for toddlers.

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