Economy & Economic Development  June 28, 2022

CDLE issues new apprenticeship grants

DENVER — Registered apprenticeship programs just received a boost in funding, with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Office of the Future of Work announcing more than $1.19 million in grants to 25 organizations around Colorado.

The funds for the grants come from a grant that CDLE received in 2021 from the U.S. Department of Labor. The Innovation, Diversity, Equity in Apprenticeship grant was issued to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment in July 2021.

The grants were issued to employers to scale up new or existing apprenticeship programs. A release from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment predicts that the grants could result in creation of almost 1,000 jobs.

The grant enabled 13 employers to expand their existing apprenticeship programs, 12 employers to register new apprenticeship programs, and 34 employers to adopt the state’s new registered apprenticeship model. The apprenticeships are intended for urban and rural employers alike.

Apprenticeship programs enable employees to develop industry-specific skills while gaining work experience and receiving income. Employers that register their offered apprenticeships can also strengthen their talent pools during the hiring process.

Colorado has been encouraging more apprenticeships, with a planned apprenticeship incentive program and a new State Apprenticeship Agency established during the 2021 legislative session. The Office of the Future of Work expects to issue a second round of grants in early 2023.

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