Nonprofits  February 7, 2022

Daniels Fund awards $1B in giving in 2021

DENVER — The Daniels Fund reached the $1 billion mark in total giving and distributed $60.5 million in grants and scholarships in 2021.

The total includes $44.1 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, as well as to some national organizations. Scholarships totaling $16.4 million were awarded to students in the four states.

Since its founding in 2000, The Daniels Fund has donated $1 billion, including 13,000 grants and 4,600 college scholarships.

“Bill Daniels had a vision to make life better for people in the states that meant so much to him,” Hanna Skandera, president and CEO of the Daniels Fund, said in a prepared statement. “I believe he would be thrilled to see the impact more than $1 billion invested in our communities has made. Bill’s generosity will continue to change lives for generations to come.”

A full list of Daniels Fund grant recipients is available at

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