Fort Collins water and sanitation districts investigate criminal acts of sabotage

FORT COLLINS and LOVELAND — The Fort Collins-Loveland Water District and the South Fort Collins Sanitation District are investigating ongoing acts of criminal sabotage that they say “have caused serious harm to both district and employee property,” according to a press statement from the organizations.

The sabotage includes acts of tampering with critical pump stations, emptying of primary storage tanks and fire hydrants as well as malicious vandalism to employee property. The sabotage has not compromised the quality of water or reclamation services. 

According to the news release, the sabotage dates back to September 2019 or possibly earlier. The water and sanitation districts did not disclose how or when the sabotage was discovered. Officials with the water and sanitation districts are discussing potential suspects with law enforcement.

According to the news release, since the sabotage was discovered, “advanced equipment as well as refined systems and processes have been put in place to build a stronger infrastructure based on the latest technologies to prevent situations such as this from occurring in the future.”

District officials are asking local residents to share any information regarding the sabotage or suspicious activity at hydrants, tanks or pump stations with law enforcement. 

The timeline for the investigation is unknown. At the time of publication, the districts have not responded to requests for comment.