Poudre Infusion Therapy – Serving Northern Colorado

We are locally owned and operated by Columbine Health Systems providing infusion services to patient’s in Northern Colorado.

We have six private infusion suites in Fort Collins and Windsor.  Two are located on the Columbine Health Systems’ Fort Collins Campus at Shields and Drake.  Two at the Health and Medical Building on the CSU Campus at Prospect and College and two in Windsor in the Associates and Family Medicine Building on Highway 392.

Additionally, we provide infusion services to patients in their homes.  We provide education and nursing care for those who can self-administer the infusion.  We also work with the patient to help them become competent to self-administer.

We are accredited with ACHC-Accreditation Commission of Health Care.  Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of health care in the most appropriate setting for the patient’s infusion needs.

We provide the following services for home infusion therapy:

  • Education and teaching on self-administration of intravenous antibiotics or antivirals
  • Pharmacy and Nursing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Written and verbal information about the prescribed medication, how to use the pump, and what to expect with the infusion
  • When to expect deliveries and what costs are covered by insurance

What is an Ambulatory Infusion Suite?

A setting where the clinical care, ordered by a physician, is managed and performed by RNs and registered pharmacists who are highly skilled in the provision of infusion and specialty drug administration.  This site of care is very cost-effective compared to Outpatient Infusion.

What makes Poudre Infusion Therapy different than Outpatient Infusion?

  • More Cost Effective
  • Quicker timeliness of the infusion
  • One-on-one infusion care by the nurse
  • Consultation by the on-site pharmacist
  • Private suites offer:
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Quiet and relaxing setting for the patient’s infusions
  • Snacks, sodas, and bottled water