Banner expands labor/delivery department in FoCo

FORT COLLINS — Banner Fort Collins Medical Center has expanded its delivery department with a fifth labor and delivery room, and has added two care providers to meet growing demand for birthing services.

Completed in October, the labor and delivery room includes a pain-relieving tub for patients requesting natural deliveries.

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center has expanded its delivery department with a fifth labor and delivery room that includes a pain-relieving tub used for natural childbirth deliveries. Courtesy Banner Fort Collins Medical Center.

The tub, also called warm water immersion hydrotherapy, provides comfort, support and relaxation for women undergoing natural labor.

The room acts as an all-in-one labor, delivery and postpartum suite, meaning the patient and baby won’t have to leave the room for care. The room has a bed, medical equipment, fridge, delivery cart, warmer and the Novii wireless monitoring system, which is a small, beltless and cordless fetal monitor. Novii also monitors the maternal heart rate, uterine activity and maternal movement in real-time.

“We strive to provide the birth experience that the patient desires, while ensuring that the mother and baby are safe,” said Michelle Shaffer, a registered nurse and senior manager of Women and Infant Services at Banner Fort Collins Medical Center.

The department also hired Saskia Thompson, doctor of osteopathic medicine, and Corrie Wilder, a certified nurse midwife.

Since Banner Fort Collins Medical Center’s inception in April 2015, more than 650 babies have been delivered there, with 340 so far this year.

“We are a small team, so expanding our department just makes sense,” Shaffer said. “Our midwives alone are delivering between 20 and 25 babies a month with many women choosing to forego epidurals and have natural births.”

Editor’s note: This story was updated Dec. 13, 2017, to correct Saskia Thompson’s title.



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