Craft Brewery Safety

With the continued growth in the craft brewery industry, it is critical that a increased focus is placed on safety and the development of a safety culture. Recently, there has been an increased presence from OSHA in setting and enforcing new safety and health requirements in all industries; the craft brewery industry is not an exception. There are several key elements that a brewery can include in their safety program to improve or enhance their overall safety culture. Below are a few examples to help protect yourself and your employees:

Personal Protective Equipment: Incorporate protective clothing, helmets, goggles and equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection.

Confined Space Training: Establish protocols, procedures and provide continued training to employees who enter confined brewery spaces.

Fall Protection: Proper tie-off techniques and specialized equipment will help keep employees safe.Partnering with the right safety professional can help you navigate and reduce your exposures.


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