Moot House to undergo remodel

FORT COLLINS — Moot House, an English-style pub in Fort Collins, will close for remodeling on Sunday, the company said Friday.

The company is shooting for a May 1 reopening date.

The restaurant will undergo an extensive remodel, according to Steve Taylor, co-owner of Hot Corner Concepts, the parent company of Moot House.

The dining room will be upgraded, including the seating, flooring and lighting, Taylor said.

Moot House will retain its English pub-style theme, and the atmosphere inside will stay the same, Taylor said, including the restaurant’s fireplaces.

Hot Corner Concepts also owns the Austin’s American Bistro, Big Al’s Burgers and Enzio’s Italian Kitchen restaurants in Fort Collins, as well as Austin’s Homestead Bar and Grill in Windsor.

Hot Corner owners Taylor and Scott McCarthy purchased the Moot House in 1988. The remodel will be the fourth since the pair purchased the restaurant.




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