CHD Bioscience’s CEO to retire; Handley to lead company

FORT COLLINS — Ted Ziemann, chairman and CEO of CHD Bioscience Inc. in Fort Collins, will retire Dec. 1.

CHD Bioscience sells disinfectants that kill bacteria and spores in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and other places. It also can be used to sterilize medical devices.

Ziemann will remain chairman of the company, a position he has held since 2000. He began as CEO in 2007 after retiring as president of Cargill’s health and food technologies division. Ziemann will remain active in investor relations and partnerships along with his responsibilities as chairman.

Mike Handley, vice president of the company’s Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Business Development units, will replace Ziemann as chief executive. He will retain his current responsibilities in addition to his new role.

Handley, who also is president of the Northern Colorado Bioscience Cluster, said he will continue his efforts with the organization, but will focus on the company.

A CSU graduate, Handley has helped commercialize 17 devices and drugs, according to a statement from CHD Bioscience. He has worked in leadership positions at Johnson & Johnson, Spectranetics and Amgen.

CHD Bioscience started as Chata Biosystems in 1998. The company sold chemical solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories, but took the name CHD Bioscience last year after it sold that part of its business.

Employing seven full-time workers and operating at CSU’s Research Innovation Center, the company complements its staffing with CSU scientists who work part-time.

“Our business model is to stay lean and to work with experts in the fields that we need to work with to supplement our staffing,” Ziemann said.




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