Boulder-based lighting startup raises $200,000

BOULDER — A commercial lightning company looking to create more aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions for architects and designers recently raised $200,000 in capital.

Although still in pre-patent development stages, Boulder-based SoftForm Lighting LLC is raising the funds to design and create a prototype product, CEO Mark Ricketson told BizWest. Eventually, the small startup plans to raise $500,000, which will go to production.

“Our target market is the design side of the business, primarily architects, interior designers and lighting designers,” Ricketson said. “Our appeal is increasing the aesthetic quality of lighting. We’re going after something that when you come into your space, the lighting you have is something you would want to have in there. It provides light but does it in a way that is very comfortable and non-obtrusive.”

SoftForm registered the $200,000 in capital with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission through a Form D filed May 26.

The startup has a few investors and is offering up equity. The benefit to investors, Ricketson said, is that most of the investors in the company are those that would also be selling the product. By investing in the company, they get not only a commission on sales but also a bonus on returns as an investor.

Ricketson said the goal is for SoftForm to start taking orders during the fall.

“Once we commit to a design and all the elements that go into it, we can start taking orders and manufacture it,” he said. “The sooner, the better.”