Manufacturing  November 2, 2022

CU spinout Vitro3D raises $1.3M to develop 3D printing technology

BOULDER — Vitro3D, a spinout from the University of Colorado Boulder, has raised $1.3 million in an oversubscribed seed round.

Vitro3D is a volumetric 3D-printing company that has developed technology to print complex objects in seconds. The company will use the money to further the development of its technology, particularly in the medical arena.

Buff Gold Ventures led the seed round, with participation from angel investors that include the Rockies Venture Club, Caruso Ventures and The Deming Center Venture Fund. Vitro3D is a client company of Innosphere Ventures through The Colorado Life Science Incubation Program, according to a written statement.

Vitro3D Inc., based in Arvada, has developed volumetric 3D printing that solves the limitations of the photopolymer 3D printing industry; in seconds, its printers can produce larger and more complex items through its cartridge-based geometry. The company is initially focused on new approaches to producing dental aligners and scaffolds for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering, the statement said.

“Our proprietary volumetric 3D printing technology leverages novel algorithms, proprietary hardware and materials science allowing us to disrupt industries such as dental aligner manufacturing,” Dr. Camila Uzcategui, co-founder and CEO of Vitro3D, said in a written statement. “This funding will enable us to demonstrate the power of our revolutionary 3D printing technology, which offers the potential to change the way complex structures including intricate custom medical products will be rapidly manufactured.”

“Vitro3D’s volumetric 3D printer will disrupt how complex and custom products are manufactured in the future,” said Mark Lupa, general partner of Buff Gold Ventures. “The speed and detail of the products it can produce has broad applicability across multiple industries, and we are excited to work with this great team.”