Desperately seeking job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is not a feeling. It is a choice. Perhaps if we stop all this wishing and hoping for a great job, we can finally be happy at work.

The fact is that there are no truly great places to work. All workplaces are filled with a certain amount of dysfunction. The trick is finding a particular level or type of dysfunction you can tolerate.

So rather than set out to find a great place to work, focus on choosing to work happy regardless of the environment in which you find yourself. If the dysfunction is too high or you feel your health and well-being are being compromised, go in search of a different kind of dysfunction that you can better tolerate.

The key to finding happiness at work lies in choosing to be happy regardless of what goes on around you. Embrace the dysfunction. Let go of expectations of ever finding a great place to work. 

Job satisfaction is a choice not a feeling.


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